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Viktoria SG uses her oil paints to transform Barbie, a symbol of plastic perfection, into a delicate canvas of emotion and human details, but also her furry stuffed animals which she sublimates down to the smallest detail to make them real.


Because Viktoria SG’s works are above all realistic, they demonstrate her mastery of capturing the essence of her subjects. Always passionate about childhood memories, she focuses mainly on the continuation of the two collections: Barbie and Fluffy toys.

Her unique style brings the seemingly lifeless to life, giving her Barbie models a sense of surreal realism. By gently blending Barbie's familiar beauty with fine humanity, Viktoria SG achieves a harmonious union that challenges traditional notions of beauty and identity.

Through her large canvases walled with stuffed animals, she seeks to break the codes of reality, giving free rein to the imagination in this large wall of so realistic soft toys.

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Viktoria SG strives to explore the boundary between the tangible and the refined by combining plastic and the real world. Each brushstroke is a deliberate choice, each stroke of paint a step to reveal the depth of its subject, each hair for the fluff is a work of patience because there are thousands of them to make.

The resulting works go beyond simple photography, inviting viewers to engage in thoughtful conversation about the multifaceted nature of the visual image and the profound influence of pop art.

Her paintings provide a bridge between the ordinary and the extraordinary, the perfection of femininity, grace and positive attitude.

Oversized earring, giant necklace, extravagant fur, various accessories that Viktoria SG had highlighted in her paintings and which she tried to associate according to the personality of the painted Barbie.

The plush walls lead to reflection on the current world. We are the stuffed animals, all different in our size, our color, our mood, our generation, but in the end, we all live in the same box and we must learn to respect and love each other.

This is the world of Viktoria SG.

Viktoria SG, barbie
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