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Viktoria SG is born in Russia and she had been living in Switzerland, France, Cyprus, Slovakia and few other different countries for her education and self-development. She got the BA and MIB Master Management degree of the high school in Switzerland in 2013.

Her name is Viktoria Skityba Grivel.

In Viktoria SG name she is using two main letters of her double surname given after the marriage. 

Art came to Viktoria SG by love at the first sight, because of the contagious passion of her husband, who is art collector and advisor sharing his knowledges and culture.


This love to art made her grow wings and the desire to be a part of this declares in 2014, following the verdict of a malady that fell on her like a thunderbolt. 

The malady calls “Multiple Sclerosis” strengthened her. It opened her mind and vision on a very different life that she could imagine. Now, as one might say she is "stabilized".

Viktoria SG is fascinated by creating with oil and acrylic techniques in realism style, by series of works on well-defined themes. 

And more...

Under tunes of lightness and sweetness, her works speak about refinements and love, cheerfulness of the human and the melancolism, which we always searching in each other.


Viktoria SG paints stuffed toys focusing on realism style with a smooth blended layers of colours. In her artworks there is never paint going beyond from the surface, it is always plain.

 Toy’s Fur and hairs are always fine painted and shown in a realistic way and refined with highlight of colours.

 As fluffy texture and other different variety of fabrics on picture give to her paintings visual value affects. Provoking from spectators a desire to touch the artwork. Fluffy Teddy bears are the main iconic objects of Viktoria SG style of art works.

Teddy bear represents her feelings about what she  want to show during her working process. She wants to create something pure innocent, kind, awaking love and kindness. 

Sometimes at her paintings the toy is getting his own character and gives a message to public. It can be seen from the perspective as a parent or a friend, sister, brother, or even us ourselves. 

 Stuffed toy was most of the time our first toy from a childhood. And it will remind us beautiful moments of carefree time. As Viktoria SG herself was playing with fluffy toy till her 13th age. She still has her collection of flufies from those times. 

 Her painting are always colourful and joyful with will perfectly match to any surrounding as a beautiful bucket of flowers. 

In her work, she is looking for an emotion, a perception of joy and tenderness for those who will contemplate.

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